Excerpts from the press:

Concerning Alexey taking part in the competition in Odessa in 2004:
“… The Grand Prix was taken by fifteen years old Alexey Chernakov, who plays the piano quite mature, mastering the latest achievements of modern jazz, with a huge arsenal of pure jazz techniques and skills, and also acoustical and “played” material, which he screws into the improvisational process deftly and with ease: pieces of music by Prokofiev, Mussorgsky, Bach…”
Olga Kizlova, the “Day” newspaper (Kiev), No.63, April 8, 2004

Concerning Alexey taking part in the international competition of jazz pianists in Moscow:
“…Young Alexey Chernakov showed himself in the second round and in the final gala-concert distinctively and brightly. His dryish chirring passages are graphical, he violently imbues the aural space with torn strokes, broken lines, garlands of spirals, flourishes and dashes, now he plays on the piano keyboard, and then he sings the rhythm on the strings “inside” the instrument with his hands.”
Arkady Petrov, the “Culture” newspaper No.13, 7-13 April 2005

Concerning the sextet performance in Poland:
“…the young Russian musicians from “The New Jazz Generation” ensemble, for whom their performance in Bielsko was the debut in our country, turned out to be a very nice surprise. They played superbly, bringing a lot of freshness and inspiration into jazz sound. We can probably say that we will hear more about them in the near future, and that sixteen years old pianist Alexey Chernakov is still to “stir up” in the world of jazz.”
“The Chronicles of Beskid”

“…very inspired and talented sextet of young musicians from Moscow under the artistic direction of pianist and composer Alexey Chernakov blazed up under the banner of New Russian Jazz Generation.”
Tomas Tluchkevich, “JAZZ FORUM”

“…Chernakov’s voluminous composition “The Trilogy. Part One” has made especially powerful impression. This music possesses a strange effect – it rouses the desire to reflect not on the music, but upon some universal notion. However, it’s only a plus for the music if it evokes such reflections. This is especially impressive when you recall in your mind that the author is not a wise-haired old man, but quite the opposite: Alexey Chernakov is only 18 years old…”
Yevgeny Biryukov. Portal “Dzhaz.Ru”

“…The most important thing in Chernakov’s music is that it follows some inner voice, which speaks about those value categories that require both polystylistics and combining a sufficiently deep composers’ approach with the improvisational way of thinking.”
Michael Mitropolsky. Portal “”, “Radio Russia”